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IOT home security system IOT home security system

In this digital era, everything is connected by using internet, including a house security system. Currently, there is a project discussing a high technology related to a house security. It is determined as a safe and automatic system used to protect houses when the owners do not at home. The house owner does not need to worry anymore to leave their house months with this smart home security called IOT home security system. This IOT home security system applies an internet-based. So, what is actually IOT home security system?

The Overview of IOT Home Security System

Internet of Things or generally abbreviated into IOT is the concept of connecting the system by using internet. Obviously, the IOT home security system is categorised as a smart wireless system that works by sending the alert to the house’s owner by using the internet. The users are able to connect the IOT home security systems into their smartphone. Regarding to this case, many researchers have already conducted a research related to the home security system IOT project.

This IOT home security system works by entering IP address using a Personal Computer (PC) or a cell phone and then by accessing Graphical User Interface. This smart device will then send the command to switch the specific device that will be received by microcontroller through the internet. In addition, this microcontroller will do the command and switch the relay connected to respective device and the device will do accordingly the command.

The result of this research makes a huge contribution in this 21st century. This IOT home security system is very helpful because if there is critical situation happen in the house, the users will directly notice it only using a sensor which is sent by the IOT security system.

The Advantages of IOT Home Security System

Many researchers reveal a lot of advantages that are offered by this smart device. First of all, this device is undeniable affordable. The IOT home security system is cheaper than any other home security systems. This system has high home security and home automation. The user does not need to spend much money for installation.

This IOT home security system also has the same set of motion sensors. It can be deployed for home automation. It is also said that this automatic device are much easier to use. Besides, it is also assessable than the manual one.

Second, the IOT home security system is efficient. It can be easily operated using different phones. It is an independent system which does not need any smartphone application to operate it. This also does not need data connection. The users can use the Launchpad which is connected to Wi-Fi in the office. By using Wi-Fi, this system can be controlled from any part of the places.

Next, it is safe. This IOT home security system is very safe since the system only can be accessed by the user with a particular number. Indeed, this energy saving system is the best for your home security system. Also, this system has the ability to analyse the situation and then trigger the security alarm remotely from the phone.

Undeniably, this IOT home security system is a must device that everyone must have at home. People who do not follow the trend they will be so yesterday. In fact, it is not only about the trend but also a high safety technology. This security system is worthy to be applied in the house. It is affordable, efficient, and safe.

Thus, by analyzing this system deeply, it can be concluded that this IOT home security system is highly recommended for our house safety. Nothing is worthy than our safety. So, why not you just go and check the system for your house!!!

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