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Home Theater Installation Katy TX Home Theater Installation Katy TX

You who have a large room in your home can just install a Home Theater. One well-known home theater installation company is the Home Theater Installation Katy Tx. You will be able to see various types of films such as in the cinema by using the Home Theater Installation Katy Tx service. Installation prices offered also vary, so consumers can adjust to the availability of funds available through the Home Theater Installation Katy Tx.

You must be curious about the various services offered by this company. Services and facilities provided in each Home Theater Installation Katy Texas package. Home Theater Installation Katy Tx Company, which has been in the world of Home Theater installation for more than 10 years, has always maintained quality following home theater Katy Tx company standards.

Some of the services provided by the Katy Tx Home Installation

There are many services offered by Home Theater Installation Katy Tx that can be tailored to the needs of consumers. Each service also gets different facilities, so you need to consult first with a consultant from this company to get the best results.

1. Projector Installation

The first service offered by the Home Theater Installation Katy Tx company is projector installation. This service is provided at a price of US $ 249. Facilities that will be obtained by consumers who use the projector installation package that is consulting, shipping goods, projector inspection, installation, connecting with the leading electricity, and so forth.

Consumers also do not need to clean up dust flakes from the installation of the projector you ordered. All will be handled by the team from this company. The most essential facility after installing a projector is a guarantee with a length of time that will be notified when you consult.

2. Projector Screen Installation

Other facilities offered by Home Theater Installation Katy Tx are projector screen installation. The intended installation is only in the form of screens which are typically used for presentations at various universities. You will be able to enjoy this one service at a more affordable price of US $ 149, the value of which is equal to cheap rate.

Consumers who use this service will also get various kinds of facilities. Some of these facilities are consultations on installing a projector screen, shipping that is directly delivered from the company, inspection of goods from various damages, and so forth.

Consumers who buy this service only need to supervise the inspection process of the goods and also the installation. After the installation process is complete, then the consumer also does not need to clean up the remnants of material falling on the floor. Employees of this company will immediately clean up the pieces of metal that fell on the story of the house. Consumers will also get a warranty.

3. Installing AV Receiver

Home Theater Installation Katy Tx also provides AV Receiver installation services. Consumers will be able to enjoy this facility at the same price as the installation of a Projector screen of US $ 149. The facilities offered through this one service are also the same as the facilities provided in various other products.

4. Installing Katy Speaker

To add excitement when watching Home Theater is to do a unique installation of the speakers. Consumers who want to use this installation service can choose the package that suits their needs.

There are at least 9 Katy Speaker Installation packages. Each package is also offered with a different price and specifications. The most affordable cost is the 3.1 installation package which can be priced at US$ 149.95. While the most expensive package price is the installation of Dolby speakers whose price can reach US$ 849 whose value is equivalent to Rp 12,080,421. The use of the Dolby speaker installation package at the most fantastic price will create fascinating sound effects when watching movies together.

You who intend to install a home theater need to use the services of the Home Theater Installation Katy Tx on this one. There are also many choices that can be tailored to your needs and available funds.

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